This summer The Little Fig ran two weeks of writing camp for kids aged 9 – 12

I was blessed with some pretty darn talented, engaged, creative and hilarious kids. It was such an incredible experience for me and I’m pretty sure the kids had fun AND learned something as well. Here are a few pictures and notes from the kids. 

Our simple story formula!

Nolan eager to get started on his wickedly funny story!

After brainstorming our characters we took our story writing session to the streets of Roncy. Using the world around us we wrote a story about a nervous fireman who gets put in a tree by an evil pug.

I am also wearing a wig.

The kids created beautiful storyboards to plan their stories. The boxes are: HERO, SUPPORTING CHARACTERS, WHAT DOES HERO WANT, WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS.

My lovely Week #1 group

Journals for each writer plus their own booklets filled with tips, rules, and exercises.

With a fan, lavender, candles, background music these kids got into the writing zone!

Picnic time!

These girls LOVED making the storyboards.

My lovely week #2 group after performing the story they wrote together in a play in front of their parents.

I have to share a few of the wonderful notes I received because they represent the very reason I love doing this. And also, these kids are just so damn adorable. 



Dear Trish,
When I first arrived at your camp and saw the candles and cool spread across the writing table I was already excited. Throughout the week I was most excited to do the story boards. I love how mine turned out because it matches my room perfectly. Doing the joint story together was really really fun and the costumes just made it more fun. Thanks to your camp I know how to put together a good story. When you were telling my story I felt really good about myself.
Thanks so much for helping me out with writing. Writing camp was so awesome.
Love Charly

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