During this half-day children’s writing retreat, attendees will embark on a unique journey of imagination and creativity. Through a series of captivating, interactive writing exercises, the kids learn how to develop the story they want to tell, whether it be through fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction. We also integrate creative play and discussions on classic children’s literature to enhance understanding about the art of storytelling.

We look at plot development, dialogue, scene description and more through a series of super fun activities and periods of meditative writing. The kids will hone their skills as writers by going out into nature, painting canvases, doing crafts and acting out scenes written by fellow students. If they have never written anything before, no problem! All that is required is the desire to write ?

 In this relaxed, safe, and fun environment, kids let their imaginations roam free as they experience the wonder of putting thoughts to paper. They will also strengthen skills in language and thinking.

The retreat will run Monday-Friday from 9 am – 1 pm, snacks and materials included. Please send lunch for your child. 

Available weeks:


*Cost: $200/week, $160/short week. Payment by e-transfer to trish@thepurplefig.com or cheque made out to Trish Bentley by the first day of the retreat.

* If there is another week not listed here that you’d like to request, please email Trish at trish@thepurplefig.com


Workshop Leader Trish Bentley bio:

Trish Bentley is the editor-in-chief and founder of thepurplefig.com. She received her degree from The New School University in writing and has participated in enough writing workshops to last a lifetime. She is a regular columnist for The Huffington Post and has also written for The New York Press, 12 St. Journal, shedoesthecity.com. Bentley has also published a children’s book, About Town with Benny Be and is currently working on a novel. Trish lives in Toronto with her husband and their three boys.

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