Every pregnancy is different. Yada yada yada. 

If you’ve been pregnant once or eight times, you’ve heard this statement before. Well, we hear it because it’s true. Except for one thing: in every pregnancy, you get tired and hungry and you don’t always feel like working out. Unless of course you are Sarah Stage and you look like this at 8.5 months:

640_sarah_stage (I would love to do a shot of myself in a similar outfit and place it next to this picture for comedic purposes as I too am 8.5 months pregnant BUT I’m way too tired and lazy to make that happen)

And if that’s the case, I bet you don’t even feel labour pains and your baby sleeps through the night on week one. I’m not jealous. I swear. I just hope I don’t meet you at any baby mama meet up anytime soon because I wouldn’t know what to talk about with you.

The thing is, even if you were super active before your pregnancy and you love to workout, you could potentially become quite adverse to it during pregnancy, at least at different phases throughout the pregnancy. Point being, it’s not easy to carry on with your regular routine no matter who you are when you are housing another human being inside of you. 

I’m pregnant with my third baby and all that really feels different is that I have the gift of experience this time. And what has that experience taught me? That a huge weight gain without much activity leaves the body rattled and slightly falling apart. I do believe that your body does what it needs to do in terms of gaining weight. I hardly gained anything before December and then in January and February I blew the top off of that scale like nobody’s business. The doctor looked legitimately shocked. I have not eaten differently nor have I stopped my daily walks. If my bod needs to pack it on, so be it. The only thing that I’m concerned with these days is making sure that my knees don’t buckle and my back stays strong. Oh and that I don’t pee pants too much.

Enter Nikki Bergen, pilates extrordinaire and creator of The Belle Method. Recently she released pre-natal videos, designed with the guidance from pelvic health physiotherapist Dr. Sinead Dufour, that take you through each stage of pregnancy, even after the baby is born. 


Check out a preview here:

This is a comprehensive pre and postnatal workout program designed with the guidance of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Get full video access here

Since I am no Sarah Stage and I definitely struggle to get in workouts beyond a dog walk, I was reluctant to try these videos. I’ve attended Nikki’s classes in person (before baby) and I can safely say that this woman inspires you to not only attain the body you dream of but the health and mental wellness that comes from being active and strong. So, because of this and the fact that I was afraid to crack the foundation of an already older body this time around, I have been under Bergen’s instructional prenatal videos and I have to say, I am feeling solid. If you’re newly pregnant or even in your third trimester, check out the above teaser and try it out for yourself! You will not regret it.



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