Imagine a group of women in summer dresses, gathered around a downtown showroom on a warm June evening as they delicately sip cocktails decorated with sliced fruit and nibble on cupcakes. The room is filled with chatter, laughter, and the sounds of women’s voices, and appears to be any other cocktail party on a Thursday evening until you take a closer look at the festivities.

Those creamy chocolate cupcakes aren’t topped with icing flowers (not in the traditional sense). Rather, they are stealthily decorated with vaginas crafted out of candy. The refreshing beverage with iced berries, nectarine, and orange may look innocent enough, but it’s been cheekily titled “Pussy Punch”. If you take another step into the room, you might hear the cries of a few babies as their mothers comfort them.

This party is the Kegels and Cocktails event organized by the founders of Bellies Inc., and all of these women are ready to hit the floor -the pelvic floor, that is.belliesinc

Personal trainer Kim Vopni, pre and post-natal exercise specialist Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, and pelvic floor physiotherapist Julia Di Paolo are three busy mothers who founded Bellies Inc., with a goal of helping fellow moms combat “mummy tummy”. While all ladies wish to look their best whether they are currently pregnant, have already had children, or are happily child-free, this trio is aiming for far more than just tight and toned bodies.

Bellies Inc. has an aim of helping women to improve their pelvic floor health, become better prepared for childbirth, and stay healthy through exercise.kegelsandcocktails

An upbeat and entertaining Di Paolo bounces onto stage to describe pelvic floor health in detail. In the spirit of World Continence Week, she promotes pelvic floor treatments such as PFMT (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training) to help strengthen core muscles. As kegels are not always the answer for everyone, PFMT can help with timing, control, strength, and coordination.

In fact, Di Paolo advises all women to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist during pregnancy. For other issues such as scarring, leaking, incontinence, painful intercourse, or ongoing pain, she agrees that seeing a licensed physiotherapist is also a smart and health-conscious step.

With vendors set up such as Knixwear, which promotes feminine and fashion-forward underwear for women who suffer from incontinence, Kegels and Cocktails leaves us more aware of our bodies and the unique needs of the pelvic floor. In the spirit of education and health, that’s definitely a cause that we can raise a glass of Pussy Punch to!

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