I was that girl who was always planning something. Always reading, learning and discovering. Boyfriends came and left and girlfriends couldn’t stand my over ambitious personality. While others abused alcohol, drugs and indulged in unprotected sex, I was at the library, the museum, or in front of a computer figuring out my next move. And I was happy doing so.

I woke up at 6 a.m. everyday to do my exercise before heading to work. I owned a marketing firm. Then I would rush to the office to deal with people who are not perfectionists, stressful right? My assistant Letti greets me with a cup of coffee and she has 45 seconds until i get into my office to read me messages and emails. She never has enough time to do both. The rest of the day is filled with countless meetings, and a lot of sitting in front of a computer or persuading clients to do things they don’t want to do.

Some nights, I’ll attend dinner with colleagues who seek to brown nose their way into my good books. I loved everything about my life. I had an amazing career and a killer apartment. It was the best, until one Thursday night when I realized it wasn’t. 

I was stuck in traffic, on my way home when I got a call from my assistant. She told me she forgot her keys in the copy room and was locked out of her apartment. It really annoyed me when people made mistakes like this.
An hour later the cab pulled up to the office and I asked him to wait for me. I grabbed my purse and went inside. I saw a light in the copy room and in an agitated tone I called out “Letti?” 

A tiny scared voice responded “I’ll be right out”. I wanted to hurry and get home to watch Jeopardy. Letti came to repeatedly thank and apologize to me for interrupting my evening. She tried to engage in small talk as we made our way out of the building to find no cab waiting for us. I yelled out “OH CRAP!”and went back inside. Minutes later Letti came into my office with a cup of coffee. “I called another cab, should be here in 15 to 20” she said. I gave her a look and said nothing. She started to walk out when I invited her to sit with me to chat.

I had never noticed how full her lips were. When I was listening to her talk about work, I couldn’t stop looking at them. She was wearing a low cut long sleeve shirt with a black high waist skirt and had switched from flats to runners. What a strange outfit it was. She had a tiny voice when she spoke, it was as if she was always afraid of something. Letti went on to ramble on about school, her family and pets. I know I wasn’t listening, because I was trying to figure out where to order my takeout from. She started asking me questions about where I grew up. I wanted to stick to a topic where I could pretend I was listening and get through the conversation by saying the bare minimum. 

I eyed her outfit and asked her where she got her skirt, her hands brushed her thighs as she spoke of the shop and the material of the garment. I suddenly felt like a whoosh of heat through my body. I asked Letti to get me some water and when she stood up, I caught a glimpse of her inner thighs, I wondered how soft her legs were, what was going on? Minutes ago I was on my way home to my couch where I had a date with Alex Trebek and now I was thinking about my assistant’s legs? I felt like I was high. She came back quick as a fox and sat back down. “I love this office, it’s warmer than mine” she said. She stood up again to take off her long sleeve shirt to reveal a plain white pocket tee underneath, it was very thin, and Letti wasn’t wearing a bra. She had a beautiful set of perky breasts with tiny nipples. 

I asked her to stand up and turn on my computer. She gave me a puzzled look then came around the desk to do so. She smelled like lavender, it was  refreshing. She turned it on and stood there awkwardly not knowing whether to return back to her seat or stand there until redirected. I told her to take off her runners and sit on my lap facing the computer, without a word, she did. “Read me my emails, please” I said to her. she started clicking away and I watched as her little bottom sank into my crotch. “Take off your shirt”, I whispered, and without thinking I started running my hands up her skirt, her eyelids fell over her big brown eyes and she opened her mouth to let out a silent moan. She slowly stood up and took off her shirt to reveal her breasts. I pulled her back down and placed her back in my lap. I wanted to tell her to take off her skirt, but I didn’t. I grabbed her neck and pulled her close to me, her heart was beating so fast it was terrifying, but also exciting. “Call and cancel the cab please” i told her as she was dialing the number.

I took her nipples in between my fingers, her mouth opened wide but again, nothing came out. I squeezed her breasts and began to kiss her neck. Letti tried to keep from vocalizing her current circumstance, but couldn’t hold it in. Her voice was shaking and it was softer than usual. She disconnected the call and I repositioned her on my lap. She started to squirm.

I started rubbing her back gently, penetrating my fingers in her spine, I didn’t know what I was doing, I felt like I had been possessed by some spirit. She threw her head back and leaned on me so I could get a better angle, I whispered in her ear “Do you like this?” she said nothing. I let my hands wander down her skirt and began to rub her inner thigh. She was breathing heavily. Her body was trembling and her hands were searching for something to grip on to. She got up from my lap and sat facing me on the table, she opened her legs for me and with a smirk she said, “you’re a bitch of a boss”. 

As if I was getting ready to discipline a toddler I rose slowly from my office chair and came face to face with Letti, I could smell her fear. It was intoxicating. I told her to lay down on my table, I slid off her blue cotton panties but kept her skirt on. Her cookie was exposed, yes i call it cookie. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by showcasing skills I did not have. I wanted to be dominant and sweet at the same time.

I started to rub her cookie, her lips were overflowing with excitement. I rubbed it gently trying not to put too much pressure but her moans and grunts  made it difficult to hold back. We were playing for about 15 minutes when i started to feel hot and sweaty. I ripped off my skirt suit and sat back down in my chair wearing only my panties and bra. Letti got up from the table and came to sit on top of me. She started grinding her body against mine, she was playing with my nipples when her phone beeped. 
Suddenly, I felt naked, exposed and vulnerable. It was as if I was hypnotized. I got up from my chair and I was about to put my clothes back on when she said, “I don’t want this to affect my job, are things gonna be weird at work?”

I took one last look at her and reflected on why I had behaved this way, what had come over me? I felt great, empowered and sexy. I was so focused on achieving my goals that I forgot to have a social life and spent most of my college days planning for my future. “It won’t, you’re a great assistant”, I said, and with that I got dressed and went home. On my way home, I wondered if I would ever have an experience like that again, I played it over and over in my head before I finally hit my pillow and slept a soundless sleep.

Photo: Outerinner.com

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