Friday May 3:

Fantasies. Jo Hemming’s Sex Play lists the top five fantasies both men and women have. Can you see yours listed?



Fantasies from Sex Play

























Friday April 26:

The female orgasm. So it’s Sex Talk Friday, or Sex Position Friday, whatever you like, and we’re taking a look at the female area from Jo Hemming’s Sex Play book. Here, my friends, is what you need to know:

We lovely ladies don’t just have a G-spot. We have a U-spot AND an A-spot. Pretty cool. We have THREE spots. Beat that boys! Now whether these ‘spots’ are well-traveled to, is another issue. The fact is, they do exist, and if one knows about them, well then all the power to you.  Take a look at the image below and make sure to share it with all of your male friends. Soon guys will be saying, “I tapped the A-spot last night.” “I got down with my girl’s U-spot.” I don’t know, do people really talk like that? Not sure, but if you do, please let me know. Hehe.





Female Orgasm from Sex Play by Jo Hemmings


Friday April 19:

Jiggle Balls. Anyone? Anyone?

So I see this picture during my very important analysis of Sex Play by Jo Hemmings and I think hmmmm, she looks pretty naked and I can’t help but notice that the text beside it reads, “you simply insert them into your vagina and then walk around. As you move, the spheres that are inside the balls move in harmony with you, giving pleasurable yet discreet stimulation as well as toning your pelvic floor muscles.” Okay fine, my pelvic floor muscles could use a little workout but come on, this lady here, in all of her nipple glory, is anything but discreet. I don’t get it. Do you insert these to go grocery shopping or is this just something you do at home, with oil on your body and a candle lit?




Jiggle balls

Jiggle Balls, Sex Play by Jo Hemmings



Friday April 12:

Okay, so I received a book last week to review. Sex Play  (Tantalizing Thrills, Passionate Positions and Mind-Blowing Moves for Crazy, Sexy Fun in Bed) by Jo Hemmings, arrived just in time to show my Slummy Mummies (my kick-ass mom friends). We leafed through the pages and had a few giggles. Maybe we even learned something.

Rather than just review this book in the conventional book review way, I’m going to post pictures from it each Friday and attach a little note. I hope you enjoy.




Okay ladies, be honest, who has done this? Jo Hemmings sure thinks the guys dig it.

Male Orgasm

Male Orgasm, Sex Play by Jo Hemmings

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