This past summer it was all about free play, hanging in the yard and popsicles in the morning for my kids. Each time we’d arrive at the park with the stroller stocked with Hulks, soccer balls and gobs of wipes, my two sons would gaze across the street at our local coffee shop deli and say, “Can we have popsicles, pleeeeeezzzzzeeeee mommy?!?!” 

My response: 

“What are you, crazy? We’re not having a popsicle at 9 in the morning. That’s junky food and junky food is for later, after we’ve eaten some healthy food.” 

When I was a kid, my mom would surprise us with a cold treat at the end of a long day of roaming on our bikes and digging in sand. They were lopsided, chunky looking frozen lolly pops. “I made them myself!” She’d said. Some of them had broken off halfway through the journey out of the mould and some were just sad little half melted blobs of previously frozen fruit juice. She tried. And to be fair, we always gobbled them up. We were hot, hungry  and thirsty. They did the trick. 

So when I thought of my kid’s obsession with getting popsicles in the morning and how I could recreate my mother’s attempt at homemade popsicles, I came up with a compromise. 

It was one morning after my husband had left some of the smoothie he makes every morning in the blender that it hit me.


I could pour the rest of this very healthy smoothie into moulds and serve them the next morning before school. Popsicles in the morning! A sort of compromise you could say. rocketpops

They were a major hit! I think we may just start serving the smoothie pops instead of glasses of smoothie. 



1 scoop of Vega Vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup frozen fruit (berry mix)

1/4 avocado

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1/2 cup of milk (or water)

Blend it up and pour into popsicle moulds


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