Every morning I find myself in a vortex of kids getting dressed, diapers soaring through the air towards the garbage and a ticking clock sounding as a reminder that the school bell is about to ring. When I see my neighbor walk past my house with his two kids, smiling and dragging his heels along the concrete, I know it’s time to kick things into high gear. He appears so calm as if being on time, early even, is just ‘how he rolls’. It’s not that I’m always late or that crazed lady rushing down the street yelling at her kids to ‘get moving!!’. I just, well, lose track of time.

In my case, I am usually up at around six with the baby and basically I have time to bake cookies for an entire school full of children and yet, by 8:20, my school lunches are still not packed. So, when my friends at iÖGO nanö challenged me to pack lunches in less than five minutes, I was up for it. I have two school-aged children and although they are pretty good about getting themselves dressed, brushing teeth and combing hair, I am still in that kitchen serving smoothies, cereal, and spooning yogurt into the baby’s mouth. This school year I am determined to have a plan that gets their lunch bags packed with hearty, yummalicious-tasting lunches that will disappear by the end of the day in less time than what I was doing.

Leftovers are an obvious time saver but serving just straight up pasta from last night via the thermos is not going to cut it with these boys. I decided to use my easy roast chicken from last night and incorporate it into a delicious quesadilla. Check it out.


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