In a world of condoms, female condoms, the birth control pill, intrauterine devices (IUDs) and spermicide, Vasalgel is the newest contraceptive innovation to find its way into the headlines. As a less permanent option to a vasectomy, Vasalgel will block the flow of sperm during sex.

Currently being developed by the Parsemus Foundation, the male birth control injection is set to arrive in 2017. While its expected launch is still three years away, the much-debated procedure is already making a splash in the world of sexual health.

Described by the Daily Mail as a “polymer hydrogel”, the drug will be injected into the vas deferens (area above scrotum) with a goal of blocking sperm. The procedure is also set to be most likely reversible for those who want to switch back to condoms, or eventually have children.

The Parsemus Foundation reports that Vasalgel is based on RISUG®, another polymer contraceptive which is currently being tested through advanced clinical trials in India. RISUG® has been available to Indian men who are participating in the clinical trials for over 15 years. The foundation is currently looking for funding to advance their latest product, Vasalgel, to the next step of clinical trials before placing it on the market.

While Vasalgel has currently been animal-tested on rabbits and baboons, the next step will be a “pivotal monkey study” before aiming to crowdfund human testing of the injection.

It is interesting how quickly the news and the eager acceptance of Vasalgel have spread across the Internet. When the birth control pill was first introduced in 1960, the 54-year-old oral contraceptive had more than its fair share of critics.

Vasalgel is already on the receiving end of hype. The question is, what type of reaction will men who decide to take Vasalgel receive? Will they be ridiculed or discouraged from using a revolutionary contraceptive, similar to women in the 1960s who first took the Pill?

We may have to wait until 2017 to find out if this gel injection will be welcomed with open arms, suspicion or a combination of the two!

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