Oh summer. Why do you have to leave me? Like Lana del Rey says, I’ve got that (premature) summertime sadness.

That’s right – summer is almost over and I have already begun to lament that. Because that means there is only about a month and a half left to do a lot of things in a short span of time.

Being that it is my favorite season, my heart always feels a little sad when August shows its face. If you love summer like I do, then you should absolutely make a plan to do as much as you wanted to before it all ends.

My Must-Do Before Summer is Over List goes like this:

Outdoor concert: A must in the heat! Drape a blanket over some grassy knoll, fill up a picnic basket with wine, fruit and cheese and sit back, relax and listen to some good music. Accompanied by friends and family, what better way to enjoy an afternoon or evening?


Summer dresses: light and airy, short or long, straps or strapless. My goal is to wear as many sundresses while I still can. I have always been fond of dresses and there is nothing more fun than slipping on a comfortable one with some sandals and going about my day. I’ve got errand dresses, dinner dresses, afternoon dresses, party dresses, house dresses and the list goes on and on. Those dresses make me feel like I have an extra step in my walk. I plan to enjoy this before the inevitable cold and wrapping up with sweaters and long coats kicks in.


Cocktails: Nothing gets me hyped like sitting on a patio or deck somewhere with a seasonal-inspired drink. Pina coladas, margaritas, and frozen spiked slushies all make the cut. I am partial to vibrantly-colored drinks in the warmer months so I really like this Pink

Champagne Punch idea from Epicurious:


And I won’t forget to garnish it with a little umbrella or a slice of fruit to enjoy the full experience and designate a fun, frilly glass to the occasion.


I have not made it to the pool this summer at all which is a problem! What is summer without laying out at the pool? All I need is my sunglasses, a big towel, a good crossword puzzle, some snacks and my headphones to fall asleep to some good tunes. Mmm, I can already smell the chlorine calling me.

The Beach:

Ok, I have made it to the beach this year (twice, in fact), but why not do it again? Listening to the ocean waves while I lay out and close my eyes, hearing the birds twirping up above as I catch snippets of them through squinted eyes as they fly all around, children laughing as they throw a beach ball around, smelling the yummy sunblock all over my skin, with good music in the background. This is The Life.



I love to read so this one is a given, and in the summer, I always make a “Summer Reading” list. This year I am reading Liane Moriarty and also read through this interesting book about Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. It had some great stories. Reading outdoors in natural light and crisp air makes the experience much better.


Ice cream: A swirly cake cone or a massive sundae filled with strawberries, bananas, chocolate and sprinkles. A creamy milkshake or an icy sherbert. A snowcone filled with raspberry flavor. A popsicle. Or as big serving of vanilla ice cream as a side to some apple pecan pie. The season isn’t fully enjoyed until I have a huge cone melting before me.


Magic put-put:

Tiger Woods has nothing on my magic put-put game. (Lies). I like to enjoy this at night, when they crank up the lights and every round is illuminated to liven up the ambient. The flowers, shrubs and ponds are all aglow. I’ve been known to take my time and enjoy the game (read: it once took me 64 tries to make one hole; it was not pleasing to see an 8 year old beating me over and over again as he laughed maniacally like a madman). But great fun, no less!

As it comes to a close this year, there is still much to do and I plan to mark these all off in the weeks ahead.

Is there anything on your list that you want to do before summer ends?

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