There are a few thoughts in life that take my breath and cause me to shudder.  I fear being in a car accident and trapped in my car; I fear cancer; I fear a child being hurt or at the absolute worst, the death of a child.  These are events in life that happen to people all the time, and I shiver with the thought of how I would face it and how would I deal.

In the book, ‘Kidjacked, a father’s story’, Scott Lesnick tells a tale that will take your breath away in the way that only desperation, fear and lack of options can do.  His story starts out like many: boy meets girl, boy and girl marry, the happy couple starts a family. A typical American dream for a man born in the U.S. and a woman he met on his travels in Isreal.  This happy beginning, however, takes an incredible turn into courtrooms, global treaties, expensive lawyers and nights of crying and anguish. Scott elegantly takes us on the ride that went from happy to hell .  As in many tales of trauma, there is a moment where you can feel the world change.  For Scott that moment happened on the phone with his wife, who then casually informed him while she was home visiting her family in Isreal, that she would not be returning to the United States; she felt the children should be raised in Isreal.  As Scott’s brain attempted to process the gravity of her words, he asked if she was joking; she coldly and calmly told him no.  From there, he began that terrible panic of trying to make sense of this new reality,  thinking through options, ways to get his life back.


From that point, the reader is brought on the emotional journey that Scott takes to fight for his kids.  He loves them the way any good father does and is not for one moment willing to allow the incredible stress, expense or complexity of the international custody battle slow him down for a moment. As a reader you become angry and frustrated that this was allowed to happen in our global legal system.  His feelings of controlled rage and desperation with the situation are palpable.  You can sense his catharsis from  telling his traumatic story and the healing that happens from writing and expressing.  You want to cheer for him at every corner and applaud his perserverance and ability to stay focused.

We have heard of international kidnapping before in the news and maybe for a moment thought that at least the children were with a parent and possibly in a better situation.  Scott’s journey exposes the anguish involved when you are kept separate from the children you love and adore.  It then leaves you in awe of the legal battle that he faced to fight for his children.   I found the story inspirational to hear the degree a father went for his children.  It enlightened me on issues of child custody that people would face even on a local scale. It made me want to kiss my kids and be grateful. I recommend this read as a good story that is enlightening and inspirational.


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