Kat Quinn may be a New York City-based singer-songwriter now, but the Little Rose songstress originally started her journey in music when she was in college. With a new album, titled Kind Of Brave now out and ready for eager ears, it seems that the sky is the limit for this soulful and sensitive chanteuse. Whether she’s expressing her passion for songwriting or gathering energy for releasing a new single, Quinn appears to be far more than just “kind of” brave.  

Enjoy her latest music video for Little Rose, let the catchy tunes of her latest album infect your playlist and remember to keep your ears open for this emerging star. 





1) When you performed your single Clouds Are People Too live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, you had come up with the lyrics that night! Where do you gather your instant inspiration for songwriting?

Well that particular day I lucked out because it was raining, so when they gave me my title, I just started singing about the rain and the rest of the song just fell out. But I usually gather inspiration from really unsuspecting places. I’m not usually looking for it. I’ll be walking along the street and see something or something will happen in my life, and I’ll run for my notebook.

2) What originally pushed you to pursue music?

I started writing songs in college and I really just got swept up in it. But I never considered pursuing it as a career until my voice teacher sent some of my songs to a producer in Los Angeles, who saw potential in them. That changed everything for me. That was when I realized that maybe my passion could be more than just a hobby.

3) We love the soft and melodic tune of Little Rose, which has a very different sound to it from mainstream music, like today’s top 40 hits. Who would you describe as your top three musical influences as an artist, and why?

Thanks so much! I would say my musical influences are constantly changing, but three artists that are always on the list are A Fine Frenzy, James Taylor, and Ingrid Michaelson. I love all of their lyrics because they don’t just say how they feel. They all paint pictures of how they feel by using unique imagery. I love that. I also love how they present their music. Most of the songs aren’t covered up with lots of production. Many of them use acoustic instruments, and it lets the lyrics really shine in my opinion.

4) Do you ever encounter stage fright while performing as an emerging artist, and how do you cope with this?

I think as long as your love of what you’re doing is stronger than your fear, it’s easy to keep on going. That’s how it worked for me anyway. My love was of writing. I only started performing because I wanted to write songs and didn’t have anyone else to sing them. And I didn’t love performing at first.. I used to get so nervous. But I just wanted to write so badly that I pushed through it and have learned to really love it. Now I’ve become comfortable enough with it that it’s pretty rare for me to get stage fright. But if I do, I just remember why I’m doing this.

5) You’ve just released a new album, Kind of Brave. What kind of reaction have you had from fans so far?

Most people want to know why Clouds Are People Too isn’t on it. Haha.. just kidding (sort of). But it’s really been very well-received, which has been thrilling. I love hearing what people’s favorite songs are from the album, and it’s been pretty evenly divided among each of the four tracks, so I was really happy about that. I definitely wanted there to be a song on there for everyone/every mood.

6) What exciting new projects or new music can we expect from you next?

I have a single called Phoenix, that will be coming out very soon. And then a video for it following that release. Woohoo!

7) Is there a particular message that you are aiming to send out with your lyrics, which sound both uplifting and soothing to the listener’s ear?

Each song that I write does have some message or theme that I’m trying to present. So there isn’t one overreaching message I’m always trying to send out; I try to say something different with each song. But I usually do try to include some sort of uplifting message, even in the darker songs (you just might have to wait until the very last line to hear it).

8) What are your favorite songs on your personal playlist right now?

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Liz Longley’s When You’ve Got Trouble, Caitlin Canty’s Thorn, and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

Featured Photo Source: Shervin Lainez

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