Thermometers are dropping across the country, and with them the ambient moisture that protects your skin throughout much of the rest of the year. In winter, with chill winds blowing outdoors and drying heat indoors, your skin has a much harder time retaining its normal oils and elasticity, often resulting in dry skin.

Unfortunately, even normal, oily or combination (both dry and oily) skin may exhibit dryness during the winter months. Common symptoms of dry skin include itching, chapping, peeling, cracking, soreness, redness, flaking or abnormal sensitivity. Eczema and rosacea may occur in particularly bad cases.

Depressed yet? Don’t worry, you’ve got a whole arsenal of weapons against winter’s zapping ways. This handy infographic from provides tons of fantastic tips for beating winter dryness and keeping your skin baby soft all winter long. Most of these suggestions are easy, commonsense steps that won’t stress you out and don’t cost a dime, so read on!

Start by minimizing your exposure to heat. That includes the radiator or heater as well as superhot water. Whenever possible, turn down the thermostat and pull on a sweater and socks instead. Limit time in the bath and shower, and make temperatures as cool as possible. Add weekly exfoliation to your to-do list to remove flakey debris from skin and keep it looking fresh.

Harsh soaps also dry skin, so switch out your regular bar for one that contains lotion and use hydrating hand soaps. Choose a cleanser and body wash with a “milk-like” base to provide more moisture, and ditch clay masks in favor of more hydrating options. Apply lotion after every wash, always making sure to hit especially delicate areas like the hands and face.

Remember to protect your skin when you’re outside. Don’t forget sun block, which is just as important in the winter, and wear gloves on delicate hands to protect them from chapping winter air.


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