If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, you might be looking for ways to bring personality and life into a smaller space without creating clutter. Luckily, spring cleaning means far more than just stuffing cardboard boxes to the side, or cleaning up after last night’s “small get together”, which quickly spiralled into a slightly wild soireé worthy of noise complaints.


In fact, outfitting a small space can be a creative and uplifting way to feel like a queen, even if you are a queen in a one-bedroom palace. Here are a few of my favourite ideas for adding sophistication and glamour to your space through basic décor tips.

While you’re busy updating your wardrobe to add the latest cute spring looks, don’t forget to create an equally gorgeous vibe right at home. Have a look at these great tips, from the bold and proud to the simple and sweet:


1) Asucssi.com


3) BedroomKitchen.com

4) Newhouseofart.com

5) Decor-Eat.com

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