With September and back to school season around the corner, autumn also marks the perfect time for endless trips to Ikea, searching for discounted furniture and adding a unique touch to dorm rooms with budget-friendly décor. Whether you or someone in your life is heading to campus this fall, let the season of crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice lattes also inspire updated autumn décor for a dorm.

Here are a few great suggestions for adding colour and design to a small room and giving it a personal touch.

We absolutely love this blue-green and white pillow cover, with its edgy geometric pattern and calming colour scheme. Whether you’re planning on plenty of late nights throughout the semester or catching up on your beauty sleep on weekends, this embroidered cover will help your ordinary white pillow score a 4.0 for style.



If you’re hoping for extra light for late-night study sessions, a table lamp is the way to go. Add a burst of yellow and a warm golden glow to your room with this Industrial Task Table Lamp in Turmeric.



There is no need to stick to the basics, even with a limited space and a tight budget. How about giving your teeny tiny room a rustic chic feel? Check out some of these accessories that will help you to achieve it.  



If you are handy, you could probably make this yourself but if not, support an artist/craft maker on Etsy.




Incorporate a patterned quilt set.



This room is also feminine and welcoming, with a touch of class.




Add a pop of colour as well for a sunshine-filled room. With bright green and yellow tones along with compartments underneath the bed for storing accessories or shoes, this dorm room is the perfect use of space. 




For any fashionistas hoping to incorporate a splash of pink into their new space in September, this pink and white motif is perfect. With shelves and a hanging organizer for the closet, this bedroom is trendy and modern. 




While a mirror doesn’t have to be an overwhelming statement to blend in well with your bedroom, a small vanity or a space for beauty within a room makes a huge difference. This beautiful over the door vanity is a perfect idea for the glamour girl on a student income.


With heavy textbooks, piles of new cosmetics, an updated wardrobe and probably a few accessories, keeping track of storage in a tight space doesn’t have to be a challenge. 



If you love the idea of sweet pink to add colour to your room, try this drawer from IKEA.


Storage boxes can also be a great fix for packing away your essentials. Check out these cheerful neon boxes to bring a punch of colour into a tired, dreary dorm room. 



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