This is the Cheeky 2 Faced Throw Pillow, from Haberdashery Fun‘s Happy Holidays DIY series. One side says “Naughty” and the other side says “Nice”.  A great pillow to bring out each year with the Christmas tree.


Materials Needed:

  • Patterned fabric / fat quarters
  • Steam A Seam 2 fusing
  • Pillow form
  • Wool/Rayon Felt
  • Zipper
  • Pins, needles, thread, sewing machine, iron and ironing board

8 easy steps:


  1. Gather materials.  I chose to use 2 fat quarters for the pillow fabric. You can get inexpensive fat quarters for under  $3.00.  To save money on the project, I didn’t purchase the pillow form.  I had a cute small pillow laying around the house and used it for the size for the pattern.Step-1-materials-needed
  2. Letters and Fonts.. Find the font you like in Microsoft Word.  Depending on the size of your pillow, make sure to resize the letters and then print them out.  Test the letters and size on your pillow form. You can use the same font for each word or use different fonts for each letter. I like the look of different fonts. Using a window or light box, flip the letter and trace the opposite side onto the Steam A Seam 2 paper.  Make sure you trace the inverse of each letter!! Iron the traced letters [that are on the Steam a Seam 2 Paper] down onto your felt.  Cut out all the letters. Step-2-trace-fuse-material-and-cut-letters
  3. Depending on the size of your pillow form, develop your pattern for the pillow.  Cut out 2.Step-3-create-pattern-and-cut-out
  4. Place the letters onto your pillow pieces.  Test the layout.  Peel the Steam A Seam backing off and iron down / fuse to fabric.Step-4-iron-down-letters
  5. Sew the letters down. Be patient with this step!! It can be time consuming, but will make the letters look complete.  Use the same color thread as the felt or for contrast use a different color.Step-5-sew-down-letters
  6. Turn and press a 1/4″ seam allowance on the bottom of each pillow piece.  This will be for the zipper placement.
  7. Sew zipper onto the bottom seam allowances. I chose the easy option and made it an exposed zipper.Step-7-set-zipper-into-seams
  8. Sew remaing 3 side seams. Press seam allowances flat and then open.  Clip corners. Turn right side out and you are FINISHED!!Step-8-finish-pillow-sew-3-seams
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  • Step-1-materials-needed
  • Step-2-trace-fuse-material-and-cut-letters
  • Step-3-create-pattern-and-cut-out
  • Step-4-iron-down-letters
  • Step-5-sew-down-letters
  • Step-7-set-zipper-into-seams
  • Step-8-finish-pillow-sew-3-seams