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Category Archives: Friendship

By Erica Christina For The Sake of Getting Laid

I can’t have sex without a connection. True story. It has dawned on me, within the past few years, that is just isn’t something that’s going to happen for me. I need a semblance of a relationship, feelings, emotional connectivity, in order to Go There. I wish…

By Tammy Wolinsky Dating: What Has Happened To Men?

I’ve dated. I’ve dated a lot. I’ve dated men who are older. Men who are younger. Tall men. Short men. Bald men. Curley haired men. Men of all races, ethnicities and religions. I’ve never been one of these man-hating women who sat around bitching…

By Tammy Wolinsky Extraordinary Women

I come out of my doctor’s office after having been told that “I need to have babies now if I want them (…) that if I wait any longer, it could simply be too late.” I’m thirty-six years old. About a month ago I…

By Jo Anne Kenny Getting New Female Friends: Is This a Date?

I have been with my husband for 13 years, seven of which we have spent as a married couple. Roughly five-and-a-half years ago I started dating. Women. It may sound like I succumbed to something akin to the seven-year-itch, let my hair down and…

By Andrea Ashby My Dad the Strong Man

I was nine years old, and very disappointed in my father. An unnecessarily dramatic and entirely unfair judgment for a kid to make, but that’s how I felt. I felt like this great, heroic figure in my life was suddenly not one at all….