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Category Archives: Pinferior

By Meagan Ross Pinferior: Lumpy IS a Super-power

Those who know me well, know that I can be extremely cheap frugal. Sometimes, to a ridiculous extent. Re-using aluminum foil and diaper packaging. Sharing a cup with my husband at dinner to cut down on the number of dirty dishes. Making sure each…

By Meagan Ross A Single Grain of Rice Can Tip the Insanity Scale

One of the best DIY tactile learning “experiments” I did with Spawn #1 was coloured rice.  It was easy.  It was fast(ish).  It was fun.  It was clean(ish).  It has provided countless minutes of entertainment (ok, I probably could count the minutes.  Probably less…

By Meagan Ross Pinferior: Strawberry Fields Forever

Natural light is your friend.  Allow me to explain how I came to this earth-shattering and heretofore unknown discovery. Spawn #1 wanted me to make a dessert and I had a crapload of strawberries because I like pretending that we live in a climate…

By Tammy Wolinsky Pinferior: The Unbalanced Valence

Hey, remember two months ago when my kitchen looked like this? Well, it still looks like that.   Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but as I write this, the countertop and sink are sitting on the floor…bonding.  Like they’re long lost relatives or something….

By Meagan Ross Pinferior: Dino-mite Birthday Cake

Have you ever felt so passionately about something that every time you thought about it you could hardly breathe, your passion so all-consuming that every waking moment was spent finding new ways to incorporate this love in your life? No? Me neither. But Spawn…