Attiya Khan’s documentary A Better Man has a mission and that is to empower its audience to join the movement to END violence against women. I can tell you from watching the five minute trailer and being so completely moved that I’m officially a part of this movement. There has been many unfortunate stories this past year that have shone a light on domestic violence and how it affects women and families, but this is the first time we see an attempt at change beginning with the person committing the violence.  

Khan wants to go to the source of the problem in order to find a deeper understanding as to why violent behaviour happens in the first place. After the writer-director bumped into her abuser twenty years after the abuse, she wondered if finding answers within him could mean a more profound contribution to ending domestic violence. Gaining a deeper understanding of why an abuser abuses tackles the origin of the problem versus simply bringing awareness to the issue. We can teach our daughters how to run and be strong like Khan was, but equipped with a better understanding of why boys turns into abusers, real collective change becomes possible. 

Khan says,

I wonder how much violence could be prevented or lives saved if we were able to get inside the head of the abuser. Why was he so angry? What did he think about when he was abusing me? Has he changed? What do people tell themselves to justify the abuse? Do you they know what they’re doing is wrong? What can we learn from Steve (her abuser)? 


See trailer here:

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“The man who abused me when we were teenagers is now taking responsibility for his actions. One of the things he said was, ‘Attiya, I wish I could have been a better man.’ I’m making this documentary because I believe he, and people like him, can change, and I want to create a space for that to happen. I see our conversation as a starting point to advance the movement to end violence against women.”

– Attiya Khan, Director


Please join Christine Kleckner (Producer), Sarah Polley (Executive-Producer), Attiya Khan (Writer, Co-Director), Lawrence Jackman (Writer/Co-Director) and Iris NG (Director of Cinematography) and contribute to the completion of this incredible effort to end the cycle of domestic violence HERE 

One of my all time favourite songs, A Better Man, performed by Choir! Choir! Choir!: 



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